Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Got those appointments booked, 7 total.

Small steps, ok?  Feels good.

So now I'm officially a "Go TEAM" member, in on the exclusive 2x a month training. And I like that. First Training session is tonight.

I"m stoked!

I'm also stoked to actually have names on my books thru next month. Can you say "perfect opportunity to get this party started"? Its like a fresh start to work full circle. I might be on a bit of a Mary Kay high right now, my Applause magazine came today. Reading thru it always gets my mind racing. It had pictures of next years seminar prizes.. OH and the debuting 2012 independent sales director class ring! So pretty! Its this huge amethist surrounded my pink sapphires and diamonds. Maybe I can find a picture for you.

Alrighty, just a short one today to celebrate a small victory.

This is the Independent Sale Director Class of 2012 Class Ring

Fun Stuff!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New MK Year, New Goal *Follow- Up*

I feel like I'm off to a slow start, but rather than shrink away and try to not focus on my sales, I thought I'd just put my business out there :D

A recap on what my goals are:
  • Star Consultant this Quarter- Sapphire $1800 wholesale
  • 3 New Team Members
and that means I need to:
  • Have atleast 1-2 MK functions a week or $150/wk
  • Be connecting with current clients
  • Working full circle

And here's somethings I've done since 6/16
  • Placed about $122 in Wholesale to the Company
  • Sold close to $400 ( I know, I need to work on goal-money managment)
  • Continued to offer deals on Facebook (recommend)
  • Began offering 25% off when new clients register on my website (recommend)
  • Put together a few marketing packets (recommend)
  • Put together sample baggies to hand out. (recommend)
  • Trying to feel out my team members on their MK business mentality via Text messaging (not recommended- Maybe a phone call or sit down)
Things I have to do if I wanna get any further:
  • Get some parties booked
  • Start reinvesting at a higher percentage
--My awesome director is offering us twice a month training sessions at the low, low price of having 5 parties on our books by Wednesday. I think I'll take the deal, especially since I know I have to have parties to meet my personal goals. And I don't really know what to do about money management right now. Its been nice to have the extra income to cover our butts this month, I'll re-evaluate our budget today and see if I can move some things around to better manage our money so my MK money can stay in MK until we reach profit level.

So today- 5 parties on the books.. AND... GO! Timer please, how long will it take to get 5 booked?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some days are EASY!

Today was a blessing.

You know, everyday is, but today it was particularly noticeable. I got to sleep in( in fact I've been slackin on the fitness this week, but I thoroughly intend to kick my own butt in the gym tomorrow morning) and then my phone just started blowing up today. I didn't have to make phone calls, the calls came to me! I ended the day sending in a cute little order -a mid week order is a happy order- and 2 new customers ALL from my momma having her Look Book and a peach satin hands lotion sitting on her desk at work.

The Best Part-
My husband mentioned that it was gonna be a tight week and that he was already low on gas, so I borrowed his truck to make my deposit and dropped some gas into his gas tank. I left the receipt on his dash with a little "Mary Kay <3's YOU" note on it. That wouldn't have been possible without today's orders. I love it.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Missing a goal is not awesome..

The nice thing about not setting goals for yourself is that you'll never be disappointed about not meeting them!

For the last 3 months the unit I'm in has been in qualification for our second Pink Cadillac. Its a big deal in Mary Kay to be in a Cadillac Unit. It shows that your unit works hard, makes the dolla-dolla-bills-ya'll, and has strong leaders. For our unit, it represents being an overcomer. It shows the world around us that no matter where you came from, no matter what your situation looks like, you can overcome those oppressors and do/ be something great. Cadillac Qualification consists of two parts, recruiting and sales. Basically a unit is given 3 months to consistantly meet the sales and recruiting goals for Cadillac Status. A unit's sales director is allowed to contribute a large amount of that goal, but not all of it, since, this is a TEAM victory. Our amazing sales director worked her butt off these last few months, I'm confinced that if she could have came and done our job for us, she would have. We met all of our recruiting goals, however, fell about $10,000 short on sales.
That Sucks.
I feel like I could have done so much more. And I wish I could have been all in. I was texting my director at midnight to see if we were celebrating, and when she gave me the news, I instantly wished we could do it all over again, that me and my team would put up big numbers this time, be big players in hitting that goal.
So guess what, remember that overcomer mentality I mentioned? Oh yea, we're going straight back in- CadiQuali is back on!! We're gonna rock out July, August, and September!! I gotta figure out how to get my team on board, and just start going.
Missing a goal is not awesome, I'm not gonna let that happen again! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Other Life..

I thought I should every now and then throw in whats going on in my life other than MK so people could gage how busy I am, you know, like if my whole life could be devoted to Mary Kay or if I have other stuff goin on too. I Thought the best way to do this was to just break down my week for ya:
Sunday: 10am, woke up late after returning home around 2am from LifeLight!! That rocked btw!! Got dressed stupid fast so I wasn't late to teach my 3/4's sunday school class second service. I'm a lead teacher in our childrens ministry at church. I develope lesson plans, rock out kids camps, and raise up some mighty warriors for God's kingdom in that aspect of my life :) Rested the rest of the day.
Monday: (4:50am)to the gym with Cynthia to get fit (6am)Home to clean up and get ready for the day (7am)The children arrive-Still watchin kids in my home.. I might always do that. (1pm)After lunch we head to the ZOO!! (4:30pm)Arrive home and find out that I will be keeping a hold of some kids over night (6pm)Sloppy Joes for dinner --> a normal Monday night I would go to Success Meeting, a MK meeting, and my husband and son have man time.. they do dinner and manly things. (8pm)Baths and Bed for kiddos (9pm) movie time with my man!! (11pm)SLEEP
Tuesday: (4:50am)Fitness! (6am)Clean up/ kid arrival (8am)The rest of them wake up and we do breakfast, play.. play..more playing.. (2pm)Naptime/MK work time! I txt a few ladies about follow up appts and reorders. (4pm)Everyone is up, cleaning up the house/prepping for dinner/icing cupcakes (6pm)Find out I'll be keeping some kids again/serving dinner/showering (8pm)Delivering some product/running kiddos around at the park/Ice cream time! (9pm)Kiddos passed out/Veg on the couch/Write this blog!
So thats so far this week- here's an overview of the rest of the week:
Wednesday: Fitness, Kids,Booking appointments!
Thursday: Fitness, Kids, LifeGroup(church event)!! <3 those ladies!! Place Order.. Last day for Cadi Unit Qualifications!! Its a BIG DEAL!!
Friday: Fireworks Tent (church event)
Saturday: Kids Leadership Meeting(church event), Pool, Sunshine, Talk to people about MK
Sunday: Jesus, BBQ, Fireworks Tent (All church events)

I'm busy. I like looking over this schedule though, because it really does show where my priorities are! Home, Kids, Church, Fitness, Mary Kay!! Thats awesome. I am tired though, so thats all you're getting on that right now!! Just wanted to showcase how MK actually fits in to a crazy busy womans schedule!

New MK Year, New GOALS!!

So its a new year in Mary Kay! June 16th marked the beginning of the 1st quarter and a bit of a new beginning for us all. I thought I'd kick off my blogging experience by putting my goals for this first quarter out there for all too see(since there is soooo many of you. I laugh now*cough* I haven't advertised this blog in anyway)!! So here they are, My seminar 2012 Quarter1 Goals:
  • Sapphire Star ($1800 wholesale)
  • Atleast 3 new team members
  • Non-stop customer flowage
These are small goals for some, they are pretty scary to me right now. I do good with breaking things down into little chunks though, so, that means:
  • $600 wholesale/month  OR
  • $150 wholesale/week  Which is
  • 1 to 2 "Parties" /week  OR
  • An appointment of some kind with 10 ppl/week
*The adding team members part will follow if I work the appointments "full circle", really so will the customer flowage. By that (customer flowage) I mean staying intouch with my currant customers and gain new customers by reaching out and talking to ppl and by referral.

A moment about "Full Circle"
So I have to admit that I haven't been doing this. Working full circle means that you have exposed your customer to every option available in MK. Like if Sally orders a lipstick from me, I'd:
  • make sure she is on one of our skin care systems
  • see if she'd like to have a party (thereby meeting her friends/making new customers)
  • share the MK opportunity with her(and if she loves it, make her one of my team members)
Working your business full circle keeps the momentum of your business flowing. It keeps new customers and new team members coming in. In theory, it creates a smooth path to career ladder domination!! Lets say the career ladder is a twelve step program, I'm on step three. No one gets too excited about step three. There isn't a car here at step three. BUT, with a little full circle action, there COULD be one on step four!!

So thats my goals. Now to put them in action! I'm gonna start by asking some buddies to hold little get togethers for me. Basically one or two guests and we'll just start there. I'm gonna start asking people tomorrow. It's gotta start somewhere!! I'll follow up on how that goes.. I'm terrified of the telephone, but thats a whole new blog!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why start now?

A little background info? Ok! I began my Mary Kay career 11 months ago to make some extra income and get the coveted 50% discount on the products I love. I'm 26, married, one child. Before MK I had recently quit my job as a bartender/ server/trainer for a popular sports bar chain and was watching a few kids in my home to cushion the blow of no more instant cash. The problem was that the kids I was watching in my home were family and close friends kids and that cushion wasn't really cushioning. Some weeks we'd actually lose money after paying for the groceries and activities, and my husband wasn't having it. He sat me down and told me that my choices were; a)Start charging a realistic rate for childcare(which no one could afford), b)Put our son in daycare and get a job, or c) go back to bartending all night AND watch everyones kids all day, never sleep, keep the house clean, dinner on the table. I'd quit the bar to be at home with my son and husband, I wasn't willing to go back to that, and I certainly didn't want to put out my family. When I heard the MK opportunity it fit my needs. I could do it a few hours a week to suppliment the cushion.
 Now I've read some pretty terrible horror stories of how some Mary Kay lady lied to someone and said that when you sign up you have to buy this HUGE inventory and spend all this money in order to be successful. I just want to say that if someone had said that to me, I would have turned right around and ran. My recruiter and director where very clear on how making money vs spending money in this company works. You put in how much you know you are willing to put in the work to sell. A bigger inventory means you'd have more on hand and could fulfill your customers requests right away. When a woman needs an eyeliner, she needs it now. But you'll need customers to need that eyeliner!  I got stuck on the "customers need eyeliner" part and refused to focus on the "willing to put in the work to sell" part. Thank the Lord I didn't have a huge chunk of money put away OR the credit to get a loan because I would have placed the biggest order possible!! Instead I came in with the lowest "bonus-able" inventory, $600, and came up with that by passing around a Look Book to everyone I knew. Starting out that way showed me that people will buy the products and that it IS possible to make some extra income selling MK
Since then I have lived and learned. I've struggled with not being the "pushy lipstick peddler", not leaving a sale dangling, money and time managment, and organizational skills. All of these struggles I've overcome or am overcoming with the outstanding help and support of my director, my unit, and the company. One thing that stands out is that when I follow the steps laid out in every piece of training material, the result is generally success. In fact, I've gone from being a lone consultant to a consultant with 5 team members under me, simply from working "Full Circle". So, What would happen if I just threw out my own thinking and simply followed the steps in my training? Well, thats where this blog came from.
 Creating a blog to follow me along my Mary Kay journey has been an idea in the back of my head for a while now. I have so many accountability people in my life its hard to not have my goals in the front of my mind, but hey, whats a few extra people? I want to follow the Mary Kay Way for the next year, and regularly update whats goin on in my life, to give an account of what it takes to get anywhere in Mary Kay. For the last 11 months I've just kind of floated around selling MK part time whenever I felt like it. Its been fun, and I've still made a little money. I've blown some money too. Now my goal is directorship within the next year. (I can feel my heart rate going up just typing that out). The steps to get there are pretty clear and I know my director will guide me along the path, my job is to follow the steps and see where it takes me. AND you can come along too!
--And all of you "pinktruthers" can speak up if you see me destroying my life at the end of that year.