Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Other Life..

I thought I should every now and then throw in whats going on in my life other than MK so people could gage how busy I am, you know, like if my whole life could be devoted to Mary Kay or if I have other stuff goin on too. I Thought the best way to do this was to just break down my week for ya:
Sunday: 10am, woke up late after returning home around 2am from LifeLight!! That rocked btw!! Got dressed stupid fast so I wasn't late to teach my 3/4's sunday school class second service. I'm a lead teacher in our childrens ministry at church. I develope lesson plans, rock out kids camps, and raise up some mighty warriors for God's kingdom in that aspect of my life :) Rested the rest of the day.
Monday: (4:50am)to the gym with Cynthia to get fit (6am)Home to clean up and get ready for the day (7am)The children arrive-Still watchin kids in my home.. I might always do that. (1pm)After lunch we head to the ZOO!! (4:30pm)Arrive home and find out that I will be keeping a hold of some kids over night (6pm)Sloppy Joes for dinner --> a normal Monday night I would go to Success Meeting, a MK meeting, and my husband and son have man time.. they do dinner and manly things. (8pm)Baths and Bed for kiddos (9pm) movie time with my man!! (11pm)SLEEP
Tuesday: (4:50am)Fitness! (6am)Clean up/ kid arrival (8am)The rest of them wake up and we do breakfast, play.. play..more playing.. (2pm)Naptime/MK work time! I txt a few ladies about follow up appts and reorders. (4pm)Everyone is up, cleaning up the house/prepping for dinner/icing cupcakes (6pm)Find out I'll be keeping some kids again/serving dinner/showering (8pm)Delivering some product/running kiddos around at the park/Ice cream time! (9pm)Kiddos passed out/Veg on the couch/Write this blog!
So thats so far this week- here's an overview of the rest of the week:
Wednesday: Fitness, Kids,Booking appointments!
Thursday: Fitness, Kids, LifeGroup(church event)!! <3 those ladies!! Place Order.. Last day for Cadi Unit Qualifications!! Its a BIG DEAL!!
Friday: Fireworks Tent (church event)
Saturday: Kids Leadership Meeting(church event), Pool, Sunshine, Talk to people about MK
Sunday: Jesus, BBQ, Fireworks Tent (All church events)

I'm busy. I like looking over this schedule though, because it really does show where my priorities are! Home, Kids, Church, Fitness, Mary Kay!! Thats awesome. I am tired though, so thats all you're getting on that right now!! Just wanted to showcase how MK actually fits in to a crazy busy womans schedule!

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