Saturday, July 2, 2011

Missing a goal is not awesome..

The nice thing about not setting goals for yourself is that you'll never be disappointed about not meeting them!

For the last 3 months the unit I'm in has been in qualification for our second Pink Cadillac. Its a big deal in Mary Kay to be in a Cadillac Unit. It shows that your unit works hard, makes the dolla-dolla-bills-ya'll, and has strong leaders. For our unit, it represents being an overcomer. It shows the world around us that no matter where you came from, no matter what your situation looks like, you can overcome those oppressors and do/ be something great. Cadillac Qualification consists of two parts, recruiting and sales. Basically a unit is given 3 months to consistantly meet the sales and recruiting goals for Cadillac Status. A unit's sales director is allowed to contribute a large amount of that goal, but not all of it, since, this is a TEAM victory. Our amazing sales director worked her butt off these last few months, I'm confinced that if she could have came and done our job for us, she would have. We met all of our recruiting goals, however, fell about $10,000 short on sales.
That Sucks.
I feel like I could have done so much more. And I wish I could have been all in. I was texting my director at midnight to see if we were celebrating, and when she gave me the news, I instantly wished we could do it all over again, that me and my team would put up big numbers this time, be big players in hitting that goal.
So guess what, remember that overcomer mentality I mentioned? Oh yea, we're going straight back in- CadiQuali is back on!! We're gonna rock out July, August, and September!! I gotta figure out how to get my team on board, and just start going.
Missing a goal is not awesome, I'm not gonna let that happen again! 

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