Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some days are EASY!

Today was a blessing.

You know, everyday is, but today it was particularly noticeable. I got to sleep in( in fact I've been slackin on the fitness this week, but I thoroughly intend to kick my own butt in the gym tomorrow morning) and then my phone just started blowing up today. I didn't have to make phone calls, the calls came to me! I ended the day sending in a cute little order -a mid week order is a happy order- and 2 new customers ALL from my momma having her Look Book and a peach satin hands lotion sitting on her desk at work.

The Best Part-
My husband mentioned that it was gonna be a tight week and that he was already low on gas, so I borrowed his truck to make my deposit and dropped some gas into his gas tank. I left the receipt on his dash with a little "Mary Kay <3's YOU" note on it. That wouldn't have been possible without today's orders. I love it.

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