Thursday, July 7, 2011

New MK Year, New Goal *Follow- Up*

I feel like I'm off to a slow start, but rather than shrink away and try to not focus on my sales, I thought I'd just put my business out there :D

A recap on what my goals are:
  • Star Consultant this Quarter- Sapphire $1800 wholesale
  • 3 New Team Members
and that means I need to:
  • Have atleast 1-2 MK functions a week or $150/wk
  • Be connecting with current clients
  • Working full circle

And here's somethings I've done since 6/16
  • Placed about $122 in Wholesale to the Company
  • Sold close to $400 ( I know, I need to work on goal-money managment)
  • Continued to offer deals on Facebook (recommend)
  • Began offering 25% off when new clients register on my website (recommend)
  • Put together a few marketing packets (recommend)
  • Put together sample baggies to hand out. (recommend)
  • Trying to feel out my team members on their MK business mentality via Text messaging (not recommended- Maybe a phone call or sit down)
Things I have to do if I wanna get any further:
  • Get some parties booked
  • Start reinvesting at a higher percentage
--My awesome director is offering us twice a month training sessions at the low, low price of having 5 parties on our books by Wednesday. I think I'll take the deal, especially since I know I have to have parties to meet my personal goals. And I don't really know what to do about money management right now. Its been nice to have the extra income to cover our butts this month, I'll re-evaluate our budget today and see if I can move some things around to better manage our money so my MK money can stay in MK until we reach profit level.

So today- 5 parties on the books.. AND... GO! Timer please, how long will it take to get 5 booked?

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