Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New MK Year, New GOALS!!

So its a new year in Mary Kay! June 16th marked the beginning of the 1st quarter and a bit of a new beginning for us all. I thought I'd kick off my blogging experience by putting my goals for this first quarter out there for all too see(since there is soooo many of you. I laugh now*cough* I haven't advertised this blog in anyway)!! So here they are, My seminar 2012 Quarter1 Goals:
  • Sapphire Star ($1800 wholesale)
  • Atleast 3 new team members
  • Non-stop customer flowage
These are small goals for some, they are pretty scary to me right now. I do good with breaking things down into little chunks though, so, that means:
  • $600 wholesale/month  OR
  • $150 wholesale/week  Which is
  • 1 to 2 "Parties" /week  OR
  • An appointment of some kind with 10 ppl/week
*The adding team members part will follow if I work the appointments "full circle", really so will the customer flowage. By that (customer flowage) I mean staying intouch with my currant customers and gain new customers by reaching out and talking to ppl and by referral.

A moment about "Full Circle"
So I have to admit that I haven't been doing this. Working full circle means that you have exposed your customer to every option available in MK. Like if Sally orders a lipstick from me, I'd:
  • make sure she is on one of our skin care systems
  • see if she'd like to have a party (thereby meeting her friends/making new customers)
  • share the MK opportunity with her(and if she loves it, make her one of my team members)
Working your business full circle keeps the momentum of your business flowing. It keeps new customers and new team members coming in. In theory, it creates a smooth path to career ladder domination!! Lets say the career ladder is a twelve step program, I'm on step three. No one gets too excited about step three. There isn't a car here at step three. BUT, with a little full circle action, there COULD be one on step four!!

So thats my goals. Now to put them in action! I'm gonna start by asking some buddies to hold little get togethers for me. Basically one or two guests and we'll just start there. I'm gonna start asking people tomorrow. It's gotta start somewhere!! I'll follow up on how that goes.. I'm terrified of the telephone, but thats a whole new blog!

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